Teng 846pc MM/AF Tower Tool Kit 37in (EVA)

Product Code: TCMME846N

$12,926.36 (Incl. GST)

TCMME846N | Teng 846pc MM/AF Tower Tool Kit 37in (EVA) A complete tool kit covering the requirements of most users. • All the tools are laid out in 3 coloured pre-cut foam trays with each tool having its own place. • Contrasting colour clearly show if any tools are not in their correct place to prevent losing tools or leaving them in the work piece. • The kit contains 36 pre-cut foam trays containing 846 individual pieces. • Supplied in our famous extra wide TCW207N 7 drawer 37” wide roller cabinet topped with our new TC205NF 5 drawer top box. • All in TengTools red with the distinctive TengTools eyes logo on the drop front on the top box and on the bottom drawer on the cabinet.