Teng 183pc Metric Tool Kit (EVA)

Product Code: TC183NF

$1,838.85 (Incl. GST)

TC183NF | Teng 183pc Metric Tool Kit (EVA) • All the tools are laid out in 3 colour pre cut EVA foam • White etching identifies each tool • Red layer highlights what tool has been removed • Prevents losing tools or leaving them in the work piece Part No Description TC806NF Tool Box Top Box 6 Drawer TED1489 89 Pc 1/4” Drive Socket Set TED3836 36 Pc 3/8” Drive Socket Set TED1227 27 Pc 1/2” Drive Socket Set TED8012 12 Pc EVA MM Anti Slip Spanner Set TEDHEX7 7 Pc EVA T Handle Hex Key Set TED911N 11 Pc Screwdriver Set • No. of drawer: 6 • Width: 660 mm • Depth: 305 mm • Height: 380 mm