ITM 350mm Metal Cutting Drop Saw, 240V

Product Code: S14-PROKIT

$1,532.29 (Incl. GST)

S14-PROKIT | ITM 350mm Metal Cutting Drop Saw, 240V, Inc. 66T TCT Mild Steel &110T Cermet Blade FEATURES The S14 PRO KIT is a highly versatile 14" Metal Cutting Saw designed for cutting all metals including Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. Operating at 1500rpm to deliver a cold cut which is burr free, clean, cold and precise. If you are searching for a cost effective method for cutting Stainless Steel and Mild Steel metals, this saw is perfect for you. The heavy duty industrial construction offered by ITM makes this saw perfect for any professional workshop. • 2 Blade Kit: • 1x 350mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade with 66 teeth for cutting Mild Steel. • 1x 350mm Cermet Carbide Tipped Blade with 110 teeth for cutting stainless steel. • Perfect for stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, thin material and thick material. • Saves time & money giving cool cuts that need little to no finishing, eliminating any need for grinding or cool down time. • The fully enclosed retractable guard increases user safety. • Heavy-duty vice 90° - 45°. • Pipe vice attachment. • 12 months warranty. Content: • 1x S14 • 1x SSBL350-MS • 1x SSBL350-CERMET110 SPECIFICATIONS • Motor: 2200W, 3.0hp Single Phase 240V • Blade Speed: Single Speed 1450rpm • Blade Size: 350mm • Blade Bore: 25.4mm • Weight: 29kg 90° Cutting Capacity: • Solid Round: 25mm • Hollow Round: 120mm • Square: 120mm • Rectangle: 120 x 120mm 45° Right Cutting Capacity: • Solid Round: 25mm • Hollow Round: 90mm • Square: 90mm • Rectangle: 120 x 90mm Maximum Material Thickness: Solid Thickness: • Mild Steel: Min: 2mm, Max. 25mm • Stainless Steel: Min: 2mm, Max. 6mm Wall Thickness: • Mild Steel: Min: 1mm, Max. 12mm • Stainless Steel: Min: 1mm, Max. 6mm Replacement Blades: • SSBL350-MS for mild steel to 25.4mnm • SSBL350-TS for thin mild steel to 6mm • SSBL350-AL for aluminium to 25.4mm • SSBL350-CERMET64 for stainless steel to 25mm • SSBL350-CERMET110 for stainless steel to 6mm