ITM 350mm Cermet Carbide Metal Cutting Blade, 64T

Product Code: SSBL350-CERMET64

$400.60 (Incl. GST)

SSBL350-CERMET64 | ITM 350mm Cermet Carbide Metal Cutting Blade, 64T FEATURES 64 Teeth General Purpose Cermet Tipped Blade for cutting ferrous metals including stainless steel & mild steel. Experience flawless cuts with precision and ease, as our Cermet Carbide Metal Cutting Blades effortlessly slice through mild steel and stainless steel. The advanced cermet carbide technology and delivers unmatched hardness and heat resistance. This means longer blade life, reduced downtime, and significant cost savings for your business. Whether you're working in construction, fabrication, or industrial manufacturing, our blades are built to withstand the most demanding applications. Our Cermet Carbide Metal Cutting Blades are designed with safety in mind. With enhanced vibration dampening and reduced kickback, you can trust in a secure and stable cutting experience • Up to 3 times longer life than standard metal cutting T.C.T. blades • Saves time & money, giving cool cuts that need little to no finishing • Superior hardness, wear and heat resistance SPECIFICATIONS • Blade Diameter: 355mm (14") • Number of Teeth: 64 • Blade Bore: 25.4mm (1") • Blade Kerf: 2.4mm • Blade Thickness: 2.0mm • Max. RPM: 1500 Solid Material Thickness • Mild Steel: Maximum 25mm, Minimum 4mm • Stainless Steel: Maximum 10mm, Minimum 4mm Tube and Box Section Material Wall Thickness • Mild Steel: Maximum 12mm, Minimum 2mm • Stainless Steel: Maximum 5mm, Minimum 2mm