Schmick Mick Ceramic, Hydro Foam Wash 20L**

Product Code: SM1002-20

$217.35 (Incl. GST)

SM1002-20 | Schmick Ceramic, Hydro Foam Wash 20L ULTIMATE FINISH Schmick Mick Ceramic/Hydro Foam offers the best cleaning experience. Your cleaning experience will be transformed by this creative solution. Schmick Mick Ceramic/Hydro Foam combines the strength of ceramic and hydro technologies to create a multipurpose, high-performance cleaning product. Its cutting-edge recipe produces a powerful cleaning foam that easily removes dirt, grime, and stains. Schmick Mick Ceramic/Hydro Foam helps shield your surfaces from future stains and grime accumulation in addition to providing superb cleaning results. Because of the protective layer that is created by its ceramic technology, dirt is repelled, making it easier to clean with each wash. The more you wash, the more you protect!' Directions: • Mix ratio, 50ml of Schimick Mick Ceramic Hydro Foam Wash to 1L of water. For best results use with the Schimick Mick Foaming Gun or Blizzard Foaming Gun. • Connect to your hose or pressure washer and pull trigger. Can also be added into a bucket of water. Shake or stir well. • Let sit for 1 minutes and sponge or brush in for the best results and hose off thoroughly.