Groz Woodworking Vice 10.5in (265mm)

Product Code: GZ39014

$696.66 (Incl. GST)

Quick Setting w/Front Dog
GZ39014 | Groz Woodworking Vice 10.5in (265mm) • Traditional pattern woodworking vice equipped with the quick release mechanism • Press trigger to initiate quick action: front jaw slides freely allowing large or small work pieces to be interchanged smoothly. Release trigger to return to normal mechanism for fine adjustments • Works as a normal vice & a tail vice: Adjustable front dog used in conjunction with a bench stop allows oversize work pieces to be held securely • Manufactured from close- grained grey cast iron • Accurately machined housings for smooth sliding movement and true parallel action free of side or cross movement. • Vice jaws are equipped with a “TOE – IN” feature. When fully closed the jaws meet only at the top to provide even clamping on the whole depth of the work piece • Steel main screw has Buttress threads for smooth, accurate and responsive adjustment. • Body and sliding jaw have provision for attaching wooden liners to protect the vice, the work piece and working tools Specification Jaw width: 265mm Jaw Opening: 400mm Weight: 17.8kg