Groz "T" Type Ratchet Tap Wrench 6mm Cap.

Product Code: GZ09371

$161.81 (Incl. GST)

GZ09371 | Groz "T" Type Ratchet Tap Wrench, 6mm Cap. Industrial quality Tap Wrenches for the professional user. Designed to give the user the reach and leverage needed for accurate tapping, these are used for holding taps, drills, reamers & other small tools to be turned by hand. CNC machined to very close tolerances with self centring powder metallurgy hardened jaws & knurled chuck sleeve for positive grip. Ratchet handle can be set for right or left hand operation or locked for non ratchet use. Self centring powder metallurgy hardened jaws and knurled chuck sleeve provide positive grip on taps, reamers and small tools Sliding T – Handle for fitting into tight spaces with greater leverage. Specification • Tap Capacity: 1.6 - 6mm • Body Length: 88mm