SHVHC15$129.36 Unit: 1

Stronghand Half Clamp

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SHVHC15 | Stronghand Half Clamp
The Efficient, Safe Way to Align Materials.

• The DOG & WEDGE and CUT-OFF C-CLAMP methods of material alignment are messy, time consuming, and unsafe!
• Align materials in the fabrication of water tanks, bulkheads, deck sections,flat plates, etc.
• For big jobs, tack weld additional 1-7/8? cut pipes along the joint.
• Copper Plated Acme Screw / Ductile Iron Body
• Thread: M20
SHVHD30M$115.03 Unit: 1

Stronghand Hold Down Clamp

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SHVHD30M | Stronghand Hold Down Clamp
Hold down action clamps with unique features and accessories.

Bolt the clamp down to your worktable using the 3/8? hole in the base.

• Capacity: 70mm
• The 1/2? copper plated Acme spindle resists weld spatter, and the swivel tip makes quick contact with your workpiece.
• Hold pipes by adding our Clip-On V-Pad, Part #SHXDA2.